You can now purchase rihka from overseas!

You can now purchase rihka from overseas!

You can now purchase rihka from overseas!
For purchases from overseas, the order will be made through the purchase agency service.
Orders can be placed from 221 countries where package delivery companies such as EMS and Fedex can deliver.
rihka will ship the products to the WorldShopping BIZ address in Japan, which will be specified by WorldShopping BIZ.
Since rihka does not ship directly overseas, the agency will ship it to the users overseas.

If you have any questions when ordering, please contact the agency below directly.

【Help Page】
English Purchasing Service Guide
简体中文 代购服务说明
繁体中文 代購服務說明

【Customer Support】
English Purchasing Service Customer Support
简体中文 代购服务客服
繁体中文 代購服務客服

1. When you open the rihka website from overseas, the "World Shopping BIZ" information screen will appear. * This screen does not appear when accessing from within Japan.

2. While shopping on the website, the World Shopping banner appears at the bottom. When you find the item you want to buy, click "Add to Cart" on the banner. (The "Add to Cart" button is unavailable for products such as nail polish and nail polish remover, which cannot be shipped overseas )

3. Check the amount and click "Add to Cart" to complete the payment procedure. After completing the procedure, the agency company will place an order on behalf of you on the rihka site.

【Notes on ordering from overseas】
* Please purchase the products after agreeing to the terms of use of Zig-Zag Co., Ltd. "World shopping purchase agency service".
* The service explanation screen will be displayed on the store page only when accessed from overseas. Please note that we do not accept orders from Japan.
* We cannot accept returns or exchanges at your convenience if you use the "World shopping purchase agency service".
* Usually, it will be delivered within 7 to 14 business days after receiving the order, but it may take longer than planned due to changes in the transportation schedule caused by weather, customs clearance procedures, etc. Please contact World Shopping Biz for delivery time details.
* Customers are required to pay any customs duties in the receiving country when importing the products. Please note that tax and customs duty policies vary from country to country, so please contact the customs office of the receiving country for details.
* The coupons issued in Japan cannot be used.
* Some products such as nail polish and nail polish remover cannot be purchased from overseas. (Products with an "Add to Cart" button on the item page can be purchased.)
* For other inquiries regarding this service, please contact World Shopping Biz.